"There's Gold in Them There Hills"

Gold'n Morn

As luck would have it, a beautiful spring morning splashed with brilliant sunlight, hit the roof of this old mining camp building at the Kennedy Gold Mine in Jackson, California during their annual paint out this past May. I was mesmerized by the colors hitting the metal roof, and I immediately found a place to park my car, set up my painting gear and began to paint it! The morning wore on and before I knew it I had this small 9 x 12 painting ready to submit and so it is "Gold'n Morn".

This little gem won first place in the 3 day event, and the best part is that it was auctioned off at their fundraiser in June to benefit the foundation that supports the Mine. The auction brought in a tidy sum of $650 for this small painting for which the foundation says they are "very grateful" and I'm so honored to have been a part of it.  Even though the painting is now in the hands of the lucky winner at the auction, prints are available so check it out by clicking

If you have a chance, and are in the area, or want to know more about the mining days of the Gold Country,  go to Jackson and visit the Kennedy Gold Mine. They are open Wednesday through Sunday to the public at no charge. It's an amazing site where you can see all of the gold mining equipment, do some gold panning, visit the museum and have a picnic while you are there!

Have a gold'n week!