Desert Overlook-Monitor Pass

Desert Overlook-Monitor Pass



A while back I had the opportunity to be up in the High Sierras on a painting trip with a friend. We were actually there to participate in a Plein Air Event put on by a local gallery in the area.

On one of the days of the event, the weather wasn’t very good, so we took off and drove up to the top of Monitor Pass. Monitor Pass is one of the highest passes over the Northern Sierras. We got to the top of the pass, stopped the car and walked around for a bit and came upon this scene looking down to the Nevada desert below.

We must have been blessed that day, because as we came up on the rise, the clouds broke for a few minutes and shown this bright yellow sunlight onto the desert floor below. It was much too windy that day to try to paint the scene right then and there, but I always remembered the scene, how windy it was and vowed to try to recreate it back in my studio.

Well the day arrived for what I now call “Desert Overlook-Monitor Pass”. This rendition is the second of more to come, in my “desert” series, of various angles of this scene and others from our day at Monitor Pass!

 I created this piece on a heavily sanded substrate so that the different colors of pastel would just “glide” over the sanded brush marks. I wanted the variety of colors to skip and dance across the page to portray the windy day that it was.  I think I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.

Have a great week everyone!