Desert Life - "Rolling Thunder"

Rolling Thunder

Rolling thunder, that is what the scene was speaking to me, even though I couldn’t hear the thunder. It was late afternoon, the sun was going down across the “Loneliest Highway in the United States”  as it's known (highway 50 through the Nevada desert that stretches from Sacramento, California all the way to Ocean City, Maryland.)

My friend and I were on our way to Kalispell Montana for a painting trip and these thunderous clouds, as the evening began to fall, were beckoning me to paint them. But as night fell, and as time would have it, I had to put that thought on hold until I could get back in the studio.

In the comfort of my studio I began to plan my attack on how best to portray what I remembered and from the photos I had taken. It was then, that I realized that only Pastels could portray what I was feeling both at the time I was there and sitting in my studio planning out my composition. The desert in general has a mystery about it that I can’t deny and so it is, that “Rolling Thunder” emerged.

After applying very dark purple mountains, foreground desert flora and cloud bursts on a heavily textured ground, washed in with mineral spirits, I began to reach for my brightest pastels to portray the cloud formations, mist and downpours across the mountain range depicting what I felt…. And alas, we have “Rolling Thunder”.

Please enjoy the image, see it on my website in “Weekly Featured Works”

Have a great week everyone!